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Simple construction software.

PlanGrid's construction platform is easy to use and can be picked up in minutes. Connect the entire project team, online or offline, and from any device to help you save time and avoid costly rework. Fill out the form or call +44 (0)20 3695 0292 to schedule a demo and see why PlanGrid is trusted by over one million projects.

Trusted by the industry's biggest contractors, owners, and architects

The highest rated construction software for iPhone, iPad, Windows, and Android


Built to mobilise construction teams

Capture everything in one place
Stop looking for the right answer in reams of paper and multiple threads of reply-to-all emails. Everything in the app is automatically saved and synced to all your devices.

Liberate teams to build with confidence
Confusion is expensive. With our construction software, never worry about working off an outdated set of plans.

Complete turnover without losing data
Ensure that no data is lost at turnover. With accurate data collected during the construction process, the app is your comprehensive as-built for the entire life of the building.

Take back your time
Customers report saving an average of 6.5 hrs/week, per user, due to faster responsiveness and reduced rework and paper. How much time will you save?

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Construction projects of all sizes use PlanGrid to save time and reduce rework.

PlanGrid construction software across multiple devices

“"A photo can tell a thousand words; with PlanGrid we get that priceless information at our fingertips in minutes."

- Martin Hickey, Project Leader, Jerram Falkus